Merapi Cycling Tours For The Best Adventure Trip in Jogjakarta

Cycling on the slope of Merapi is adventure tourism is a very interesting and challenging. The route of sand the rest of cold lava of the eruption of merapi and rocky roads and grass weeds. There are a few tracks or cycling paths in Merapi as the times, the village of petung, Kali adem, balerante klangon or West side times completes the Turgo. Track Cycling Tour in the volcano required a special bike for offroad route, as most of the tracks or routes that traverse a route running off-road and cross-country as footpaths, River, sand, rice, blusukan (exploration) ghetto dykes and plantations. Security equipment such as gloves, boots, goggles, bicycle helmets, long-sleeve t-shirts. Bicycle routes in the volcano tour package is very suitable in combine with lava in the volcano tour by Jeep Willys. Don’t forget to bring a camera photo to take amazing moment or the exotic with a view of Mount Merapi. A place where we can skip over the Volcano or frequent Cycling Tour Kali Adem, guava village and the village of Petung here we can see a large stone like a human face, Museum Of Merapi volcano here we can see directly the goods households affected by the heat clouds, merapi’s through times along with the habanero with a sand truck sand miners, weeds, rice fields in the area of the existing, rural, and finish in the dam Embankment Boyo Condong catur. Range about 30 km and takes about 3 hours. if You curious please try Track Cycling Tour in the volcano. More details please contact :
JavaBali Trans.
Cp: Mas Minto
Tel: 0856868141
Rute-Trek-Sepeda-Offroad- CrosCountry-di-Jogja-Kaliadem-Turgo-Klangon- Balerante (600 x 450)

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